Streets of Oslo, The Party Edit – With Northern Bohemian

As most of the brands I’ve chosen to feature here at Belle & the Brave are from places with warmer climates, and their images are usually set with backgrounds of tropical surroundings such as azure waters and palm trees, it’s great to sometimes take a moment to show how we would wear these creations here in the northern hemisphere. So, I recently gathered a perfect little team and took to the streets of Oslo to shoot some of our new stock.

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 I’m ever inspired by beautiful locations and the people I happen to meet through the course of life. If I see a beautiful doorway, a green lush path under an opening of trees or I run into a special someone that catches my eye, I can’t help but get the urge to capture it and use it in some way in my work. I have a tendency to gather these moments and people in the back of my mind, awaiting the right opportunity for it all to come together. In this instance, as faith would have it, a perfect opportunity for a shoot in Oslo occurred after I met fellow bohemian soul Elisabeth, the photographer behind Northern Bohemian at a yoga festival this summer. This meeting opened up for the realisation of a dream in the works over a year, as I also then got an opportunity to shoot in the streets of Oslo and work with the muse for the day, Barbro Andersen. I’ve wanted to do a shoot with Barbro since the day I first saw her, when she walked into my shop a few summers ago. She had long raven hair, was really sweet, and with her wife and tiny chihuahua in tow, she just had that kind of ‘je ne sais quoi’ about her that I couldn’t shake. I have been waiting on the right moment to bring her along for a shoot ever since.

When the time was right, winter had just hit in Oslo, and I jumped on a train with a suitcase filled to the brim with clothes, shoes and bags. It was an 8-hour show of crisp white, frosted terrain as the train moved at a steady pace and took me to other side of the country.

As morning hit on the day of the shoot it was freezing cold outside, most of the snow had rained away the previous day, but the conditions were perfect for capturing a moody urban look. (At least for those of us getting to stay warm, tucked into our winter coats for the entirety of the day…) We moved our way down Akers Elva, changing outfits on the go and stopping at some iconic Oslo locations to shoot.

(Please note, we would wear a coat over these outfits while outside, but for the purpose of showing you the entirety of these beautiful garments Barbro endured some cold moments in the spirit of fashion.)

Photographer: Northern Bohemian @northern_bohemian

Model: Barbro Andersen @ayogajournal


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